I am practicing all of this after a couple of decades away from my first website that I created in the late 1990's. I have found myself very unhappy with the state of the internet as it is today. There is too much curation, too many walled gardens and too many personalisation features which make me feel unhappy.

I remembered the good times of when I would surf the net, meet new people and discover all kinds of things without the feeling that I was being constantly funnelled in particular directions. I do not mean to just wallow in nostalgia for times past for the sake of it, but things were very different a few years ago. Until I can fully unwrap these thoughts and write something meaningful.

Update: 5 Sept 2022 - I have thought about what I want to do and have decided on a simple blog for myself where I can journal my pathway to a lifestyle that can reduce my negative ecological impact. I received my batchelors in Environmental Studies over 5 years ago (it took 6 years to complete due to illness) and I felt defeated by the dire predictions and futility of fighting the 'business as usual' economic model.

However, I decided that if I can make changes to my own lifestyle, even if they do have a very small impact - then at least I have some peace of mind that I am not making things worse. Small changes do add up and over the last ten years, there has been good progress made on several fronts. The increase of awareness and availability of plant based foods, the increase in renewable energy (although I predict this may take a few steps back as fracking will more than likely make a comeback with great political fanfare), electrically powered vehicles, bike lanes, better recycling programs, targets to reduce plastics etc). Compared to the efforts that actually need to be made to preserve a habitable environment - these are laughable efforts as long as the neo-liberal capitalist system keeps commodifying and profiting from the Earth and it's people. But an effort for a just, good reason is worth it.

I have no plan to ever share this journal, it is just for me to map my progress.


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